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Hello! I am Luiza Tioco Artillero (or you can call me Iza!) and I am an Advertising Arts graduate from the University of Santo Tomas. I also took up Exhibition Design + Costume and Fashion Design as elective courses during my third year in the university. I consider myself as a music and style enthusiast. I love going to events such as fashion shows and concerts. Ever since I was a little girl, my main goal is really to become a fashion designer. I am really interested with everything related to fashion and is planning to work hard and save up to fulfill my dream to study fashion abroad.

I am currently a graphic designer/marketing officer for Forever 21 Philippines. The most exciting part about my job is seeing my artworks/layouts on Forever 21's social media platforms/on newspapers and other print medias. Still exploring the world of the retail industry and so far so good. I am currently also a part-time graphic designer on UpWork. I've been accepting part-time graphic design projects since August 2017. What I love most about UpWork is that there are a lot of different clients to deal with that can really challenge my design skills -- from layouting, video editing, animating, etc!

I am also a blogger and I created an art+fashion blog back in the year 2010 entitled  The Style Prodigy. I also created an online shop the same year called The Style Prodigy Shop where I sold hand painted tees, hand made ear cuffs, and eyewear. I was a co-owner of an online shop called Vixen that launched back in 2011. We designed, manufactured and resourced clothes to be sold to mid income level customers. The Style Prodigy Shop was featured at local magazines here in the Philippines such as OK! Magazine and Candy Magazine. It was also featured by fashion bloggers such as Laureen UyCamille CoPatricia Prieto and Kookie Buhain. She participated and is one of the sponsors of the Times Square Fashion Bazaar, an event that was organized by Business Management Students of De La Salle University.

I love everything about art. Growing up, doodling was my obsession. Getting accepted to the course that involves art was really a dream come true. Being surrounded with people that admires art as much as I do can be intimidating but it also motivates me to do good. I know that I will never stop loving art.

The Style Prodigy 
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Recent Work - BlueShift IP

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Luiza Tioco Artillero

Luiza Tioco Artillero